solar panels

my 12 volt powerproject

this  is what I am starting with,



this is the bottom

scratch that , that was the first try

heat powered electric generator peltier thermoelectric


its basically aluminum and peltier devices you can get here 

one side cooler one hot (on woodstove) creates small current,  I’ve got 12   thermoelectric (peltier devices) 40 mm x 40 mm which

were 3 $ each,  so about 50 $ or more with the heat sinks.

now if this goes all day and night , even if its only an amp , that should give me 15 watts like a small solar panel but many more hours in a day like 300 watts for an hour total per day which will save me alot of gas, and it should last ten years,  great for 12 volt systems,  will let you know what the heck happens with this, ha ha next winter.


cabinet mountains


Cabinet mountains



well now its quite a bit later, my little house won’t get my stove hot enough to make steady power, but I have some solar panels, which is awesome here is a great deal on panels click below and shop to support

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